Tim Ewton

Master Stylist

Introducing Tim Ewton, the part-time hair wizard and full-time Gemini dreamer. Hailing from the beaches of Virginia, Tim's journey through Jan Mar Beauty Academy has honed his skills into a mastery of color that could make the rainbow blush. Tim embraces his multifaceted identity. As his own style icon, he struts through the salon like a runway, fueled by the timeless romance of "Somewhere in Time" and the occasional indulgence in Maltesers. While others reach for coffee, Tim prefers the elegance of hot tea, aligning himself with the grace of a true queen. Behind the wheel, Radio Andy sets the rhythm for his commute. Tim's passion lies not just in following trends, but in giving clients what they truly need, whether it's a daring new color or a subtle enhancement. For self-care, he indulges in monthly pedicures and the soothing scent of Costes signature candles, keeping his spirits high. Choosing Helmet as his hair home was an easy decision, thanks to Randy Addison's charm and expertise.

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin

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