What is HELMET looking for?

We are always looking for mature professionals interested in growing with us. We offer a clear plan for associate team members who choose to further their career. The right candidate will have an equal commitment to excellent craftsmanship and professional behavior. The first step includes contacting us with some information and a stated desire to be considered for a position.

How do stylists get their start at HELMET?

“Associate Stylist” is the entry-level position for candidates who have just completed their education. Duties include supporting a senior level stylist, general salon upkeep, and team behavior at all times. Associate Stylists receive top-notch education and guidance from coaches, educators, and senior-level stylists.

How long is the Associate program?

Though some customization of the program is often necessary, advancement through this program usually takes about 36-41 weeks. As in all level jumps at HELMET, advancement is performance-based: complete dedication, participation in education opportunities, and achieving benchmarks in pre-determined time frames.

How does HELMET set goals?

Goals are based on a pre-determined number of clients serviced in a month, repeat requests, referrals, retail sales, and chemical services, as well as education benchmarks.

How soon will I be able to take clients?

After hitting education benchmarks and testing on skill sets, an Associate Stylist will be encouraged to take one shift on the floor per week. During that shift, the Associate will be allowed to service clients whom they have personally referred to the salon. In many cases, we will be able schedule a shift on the floor for 2-4 weeks after start date. Once an Associate demonstrates an ability to perform services well and in a timely manner, another shift on the floor will be added.

What would my schedule be like at HELMET?

Our company serves clients 7 days per week, with hours ranging from 9:00am to 9 pm on most days (Sunday 9-6). A typical schedule at HELMET is 32 hours/week and will include weekend hours.

Why 32 hours per week?

This is considered a full time schedule. A normal shift will often be for six hours/day, with one or two longer shifts to fill out the schedule. We find that this allows a team member a way to spend quality time outside the salon, so that time inside the salon can be completely dedicated to the business of doing hair and supporting other team members.

How will I be paid?

Any stylist beginning a career at HELMET will be compensated hourly while moving through the beginning stages of pre-determined benchmarks. No compensation for services will be paid until the stylist jumps from level one to level two. Service commission at HELMET is on a sliding scale based on level.

Does HELMET offer education?

We at HELMET believe strongly in continuing education for all team members. While often coming at considerable expense, HELMET offers this education as a COMPLIMENTARY tool for developing careers of those committed to excellence. Participation in these opportunities is optional and unpaid; however, lack of a commitment to education will be a determining factor in advancement or any career opportunities at HELMET.

Does HELMET have employee contracts?

Yes. Our commitment to growing serious professionals requires us to establish parameters for an ongoing professional relationship, including long-term agreements.  

What is the first step?

At this time, you can begin the process by contacting us with your education background and stated interest in entering our associate program. We also welcome your questions.  

Thank you for esploring opportunities with us!