Barbering at Helmet Hairworx: 5 Points of a Well-Designed Haircut

Barbering at Helmet Hairworx: 5 Points of a Well-Designed Haircut


At HELMET, we love the guys as much as the ladies. In the last ten years, men have become the largest growing demographic in the realm of personal style. Every team member at HELMET is dedicated to growing with you when collaborating on your unique vision. Choose STYLE!

5 Points of a Well-Designed Haircut Style must have a good foundation. As a guy, you've experienced frustration over one or more elements in your haircuts over the years. We've identified five important points that concern most men at one time or another, and we work with you to address them and customize your haircut into a style as individual as you are.

1. CROWN: This point of distribution is present on everyone and is mistakenly called a "cowlick" by most men. The hair in this area can become disorganized, grow in counter directions, and will often stick up in an attempt to find a comfortable resting place.

2. PARIETAL RIDGE: The hair along the top corner often "sticks out" and seems to grow out quickly, which causes the shape of the haircut to be altered and cause frustration.

3. TEMPLE: This area encompasses a few challenges, not the least of which is the "recession," an area that, over time, can appear to become thinner and cause insecurities regarding a self-perception of "balding."

4. OVER EAR: You know how this hair starts to tickle your ears after about a week? A well-tapered and detailed haircut can prolong the life and comfort of your haircut.

5. NAPE: "Just square it off." We hear that a lot. But you have other options. A classic barbering style of a natural, tapered hairline will grow out nicely, look clean, and enhance a modern, groomed style.