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HELMET TOP 10: Atlanta's Leading Hairstylists

Our TOP 10 stylists elevate your HELMET experience to a premium level reserved for those looking for the best. Top 10 stylists are experienced professionals offering the highest technical excellence and client services we have to offer.

 A Michigan native, Dana moved to Atlanta for its vibrant and progressive arts culture. Specializing in curly hair, she even started her own line, "HEY CURL," which you can find on our apothecary shelves. Dana loves working with clients with one goal in mind: to help you manifest your vision and have fun while doing it.

five stars "Dana was wonderful. Very vibrant and easy to talk with and explain what I was looking for. I gave her a little liberty to be creative and she delivered. It's sassy and unique and I can definitely work it." --CharityF

five stars "First time in a long time going back to Helmet and I'm glad I did... met stylist Dana and she was very responsive and talented. highly recommend!"--MDavenport

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