randy addisonChoosing a new stylist or salon can be stressful! As stylists, we go through the same kind of stress when deciding which salon we'd like to work in. HELMET continues to grow because we offer a unique studio environment. Fancy? No, not really. But our salons have attracted, and continue to attract, an exceptional blend of hairstylists dedicated to you and their craft.

In 2003, I started HELMET as a place for me and a couple of other stylists to relax and concentrate on our work. Within months, a few individuals grew into a team. Within a couple of years, one studio became two, then three, then four, and five. Why? Because the number of passionate stylists and delighted clients continued to grow.

Clarity of purpose is such a wonderful thing. HELMET offers stylists a place to pursue quality in their craft and create a special look for YOU. Through our alignment with AVEDA, Bumble and bumble, Kerastase, Alterna, and other exclusive leaders in the beauty industry, our opportunities for advanced education continue to strengthen our dedication and ability to serve you.

Stylists at HELMET are encouraged to cut AND color hair, seeing a vision through from beginning to end. As artists, we wouldn't want to sculpt something only to have someone else paint it. Even so, we have artists who specialize in a certain area because of their own unique gifts. Your hair represents a collaboration between you and an artist, the ultimate expression of your personality.

But what about the next generation? How can a company dedicated to this art and customer experience reach far into the future? We figured out along the way that we are called to be a teaching salon as well, so we developed our LOFT program. The wealth of knowledge housed in every HELMET team member is passed along to a talented new generation of eager, hand-picked stylists. As they display proficiency in hair styling, they are able to take clients on the floor, and you get first crack at this emerging, fabulous talent. Want to book with one of them? We offer great promotions to launch your relationship!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us, our LOFT program, and services such as online booking. We look forward to serving you!

Randy Addison, Founder and President
Brazenworx, Inc, DBA HELMET

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